Blogad update

Our blogad fundraising campaign is doing well enough that we’ve expanded our list of targets a bit. But we need to raise more to get it out on all of the sites we’ve come up with! If you didn’t spend a few hours this weekend out talking to people about this thing, you in particular really need to contribute.
This morning, in two sentences, the SF Chron sums up the big problem with this election: that it doesn’t do a single thing to answer the real problems facing the state…

But as they tick off concerns about the future here — growth, traffic and jobs — Cervantez throws up his hands.
“Why,” he asked, “are we having a special election again?”

That’s about as pithy a summation as my Dad’s reaction: “I can’t believe you have to vote on this stuff. A lot of these are really stupid.” Unfortunately we have to, so channel some of your irritation at this whole mess and contribute to our blogad run!