You are the best.

Late last night we got a few more donations, and they put us up just enough to buy some great positioning on a few of the sites. You should see our ads popping up on a weblog near you today, and they’ll be up for the rest of the week. Infinite thanks to all who contributed!
Today the latest Field Poll is out, and the numbers are looking good. None of 74-78 are winning (they’re going to have the lowdown on 73 tomorrow), and the momentum looks like it’s all in the right direction. The word is getting out, people are frustrated, and when people know the Governor is behind any of the propositions they’re less likely to vote for it. This matches very well with the feel of things I’ve been getting on the phone. People are not happy with this bizarre package of nonreforms and a lot of them have voted already. It feels like people are making the connections.
But before anyone starts doing the happy poll numbers dance, remember that there’s still a lot more work to do, and the only poll that matters happens a week from today. Anything could happen. Who knows, maybe the Governor’s latest tactics, even this sadly pathetic and misleading one, are going to have some effect.