Save ANWR, and Harry’s giving ’em hell

A momentary distraction from the very pressing needs of our campaign: the House is going to vote on ANWR next week, and the NRDC has come up with a great strategy to peel off some Republicans in strong environmentally aware districts. Give them a little love, because one of their targets is Dave Reichert, who won an open seat battle just outside of Seattle last year that I witnessed. It will most likely be be one of these miserable all night arm-twisting sessions, so turn the heat up on that guy now.
Too bad we can’t clone Harry Reid, doing what he did to Senator Frist today (although in general I think Rep. Pelosi has been doing a good job keeping things together as best she can). Sen. Reid makes me proud to be a Democrat, and I am strongly in favor of his now quite clear intention to force the Republicans to bring the nuclear option over confirming Alito. It’s time.
Enough national news for now – back to your regularly scheduled special election coverage.