“She’s not a real Kennedy, either”

As conservatives continue to freak out over Schwarzenegger’s appointment of a Democrat as his Chief of Staff, our friends at Arnold Watch have the must-read on Susan Kennedy.
Check it out, and keep these salient points in mind when people inevitably ask, “But he appointed a liberal Democrat to run his office, so he must be moderate, right?”:

  • Kennedy may be a Democrat, but she’s no friend of the people.
  • She was a key part of the shady back-room, pay-to-play deals (think Oracle) that got Davis recalled and swept Schwarzenegger into office in the first place.
  • The Kennedy appointment is all about the spin. Peel back a layer or two and you have the same corporate corruption and cronyism that is causing voters to be increasinly fed up with the conservative agenda.

As with most things Schwarzenegger does, this too is part of an act. The funny thing is he just still doesn’t seem to be getting that he’s dealing with some of the smartest voters on earth. This one is easy to see through, and it seems the only people who are moved by it are the right-wing conservatives. The best possible result could be a conservative challenger to Schwarzenegger in the primary. That’s what I’ll be asking from Santa!