CA-48th special tomorrow!

Our focus here is on statewide races and issues, but there’s an important election happening tomorrow that got a little buried in the din of last month’s special election. Tomorrow, the 48th congressional district will elect a new representative. The seat was vacated when Chris Cox was appointed to head up the SEC.
It’s a 3 way race between Republican John Campbell, extremely far-right American Independent Party border patrol vigilante Jim Gilchrist, and Democrat Steve Young. It’s a heavily Republican district in Orange County, but due to the dyanmics of a 3 way race, Mr. Young has a genuine shot at this thing. Of course there’s been some nasty campaigning against Mr. Young, which he answers on this page. If you’re in the area and can take time tomorrow, every little bit helps!
Update: Will life imitate art? Jen pointed out that should Mr. Young pull this one off, it would be similar to a West Wing storyline from season four. She’s got a great post over at PowerPac on some of the predictably disturbing anti-immigrant messages coming out of the Gilchrist camp.