Give me a break

The Governor’s advisors are divided about Prop 82, the preschool for all initiative.

Richard Riordan, the governor’s former secretary of education, and his wife, Nancy Daly Riordan, are among Proposition 82’s leading supporters. Some of the big donors to the governor’s campaigns – Robert and Elizabeth Lowe and Warren Hellman – are also lending their names to the campaign to tax high earners to pay for universal preschool.
On the other side, the campaign against Proposition 82 is relying on advice from some consultants who have worked for Schwarzenegger’s political committees or Citizens to Save California, a coalition of business groups that supported Schwarzenegger’s November 2005 initiatives. Two of the governor’s staunchest allies are heading up the campaign against Proposition 82: California Chamber of Commerce President Allan Zaremberg and Small Business Action Committee President Joel Fox.

Hence the Governor can’t take a position. Nevermind that very prominent pro-business groups, such as the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, have given him perfect cover by endorsing it. This guy just has no set of values guiding him when it comes to anything that’s fundamental or important. He has very strong convictions about exercise programs. That’s about all we’ve seen so far. He can’t take a stand if any of his crony corporate contributors or right-wing advisors behind the scenes have a problem. That is not the kind of person who deserves to lead a state like California.