The eye of the beholder

Kevin Drum says that Sen. Feingold’s vote to censure is just a bit of political theater, and not very good stuff at that…

Conversely, it’s not clear what Feingold hopes to accomplish with his censure motion. Bush’s shortcomings are already getting plenty of attention, so he’s not galvanizing any new media attention.

I vigorously disagree. This is most certainly not about theater: it’s about doing something, anything we can, about a President who is getting away with wholesale shredding of the Constitution with the full faith and backing of the majority party in the Senate and the Congress. It’s not theater, it’s honest resistance to the extent allowed by law, and apparently a quarter of a million someodd MoveOn members (as of this afternoon) and who knows how many folks through agree with the Senator and I. I don’t care if he didn’t line up his ducks in a row before doing it. Sign up to get the Senator’s back, if you haven’t already. I probably wouldn’t have except for Senator Allard’s quote (click the link, I won’t reproduce it here). When did failing civics 101 become some kind of prerequisite for running for higher office as a Republican?