The Terminator Fails Again

OK, so we Californians love our plastic movie stars, complete with manicures, pedicures and bikini waxes, but what we really love is a beautiful sunset unencumbered by smog and foul-smelling air; levees that won’t break in severe weather; schools that don’t leak above on our children’s heads while they sit at their desks; transportation networks that aren’t so clogged that you can walk and get to your destination faster by foot than by car and water systems that allow humankind to coexist with nature’s creatures.
After the debacle of his $50 million special election, the Gov. decided to float an enormous bond measure but had used up all his political capital and goodwill so nothing was left to close the deal and no miracle occurred to restore his failed leadership. Even as the number one Reep, he couldn’t get his own boys to support him. Sad how he had a moment when the people believed this guy could and would make a difference. But buying into the right-wing mentality cost him his credibility so now even the right wing is thumbing its nose at him. Arnold, it’s time to go.