USA Can’t Get Health Care, CA Can’t Get Budget — Same Reason

The country is trying to pass health care reform but a single Senator is able to block the popular “public option” and “Medicare buy-in” plans, because he says it is wrong to let the public have any choice besides for-profit companies.  Actually it is one Senator plus the entire Republican caucus – but we already understood that they do the bidding of the big corporations that fund them. The rule of the Senate allow minorities to thwart the will of the people and block bills.

An NBC/WSJ poll that came out yesterday showed that 45% of the public found it unacceptable that the public option was removed, and 42% acceptable, but 58% wanted the Medicare buy-in and only 32% didn’t.  But never mind, both of those are out because of one Senator (joining all the Republicans.)  This is a clear example of democracy thwarted.

In California we can’t pass a budget or tax corporations or the wealthy to pay for our schools, colleges and universities, reads, etc. for the very same reason.  Our legislature is structures to that a minority can thwart the will of the people.  It requires a 2/3 vote to pass a budget or raise revenue.  And we have a minority that is funded by the big corporations, with one corproate PAC funded by Wal-Mart, Blue Cross of Ohio (?), Reliant Energy and others putting almost $1 million of into just one race last year.

It is time to trust the people and change the system in Washington and the system in Sacramento. It is time for majority rule.


2 thoughts on “USA Can’t Get Health Care, CA Can’t Get Budget — Same Reason

  1. FYI: Nowhere in the NBC/WSJ poll is the “public option” mentioned. In fact, here’s what is mentioned:
    “In addition, for the first time in the survey, a plurality prefers the status quo to reform. By a 44 percent to 41 percent margin, respondents say that it would be better to keep the current system than to pass Obama’s health plan.”
    “Just 32 percent say it’s a good idea, versus 47 percent who say it’s a bad idea.”
    Will of the people?

  2. The will of the people seems a bit will o’ the wisp at this point. It could be just the sight of sausage-making. Or perhaps the progressives irritated at not getting the public option are causing the polls to sink.

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