Help Speak Out California Build The Megaphone

Dear Friends;


If you love and believe in California as I do, and I know you do (!), then help us here at Speak Out California as we work to restore our state’s luster and justify its reputation as “the state that invents the future.”


We experienced it first in Sacramento and now in Washington, D.C.: majority rule has been replaced by minority control. With a 2/3 requirement in California to pass a state budget and 60 votes to pass legislation in the US Senate, the will of the people has given way to the will of a few. And these few are more often the extremists or those controlled by big corporate interests that don’t care about anything but their profits.


Why are we-the progressive majority of Californians-losing out to the radical fringe of right-wing extremists who are dictating the dismantling of our state’s infrastructure, education system, environmental and consumer protections and safety net for the less-fortunate among us?


The reasons are clear: The right-wing noise machine is drowning out the more reasonable, compassionate voices who seek meaningful change and a return to the values of hope, opportunity and fairness that made this state -and nation-great.


We need to get our megaphone turned on! Our voice that calls for real investment in our education system, protection of our natural resources, environment, healthcare for all Californians and protection against the corporate special interests whose uncontrolled greed and power has set our families, state and nation on the precipice of financial disaster.


We here at Speak Out California believe it is time to make our voice heard and to be able to rise above the hysterical din of hateful, selfish rhetoric and focus on what we want our future to look like. We have been a voice for change, explaining progressive values, telling Californians how a progressive approach will benefit them.  We are on the Internet, on the radio, in op-eds, and speaking to groups.  We want to maintain and expand our effort.   WILL YOU HELP?


With your contribution of $ 5, $10, $25 or even $100 per month, or a one-time contribution, we can continue to discuss the issues and frame the message from a progressive perspective and increase the size of our own megaphone.


The year ahead is full of big challenges and opportunities. There are over 80 ballot measures already in circulation for the 2010 elections.  Included among them are more challenges to a woman’s reproductive decision-making including one to define fertilized eggs as “persons”, one creating a special constitutional rule for speech based on “biblical authority” and one to eliminate all funding for public schools.  These are just a few of many dangerous and extremist initiatives circulating.


Speak Out California has big plans to combat those efforts. We’re planning to produce our highly acclaimed Progressive’s “One-Stop” Voter Guide. During prior elections, our highly respected guide was clicked over 1.7 million times by people like you and me looking for an honest, straight-forward and accurate progressive perspective on just what each of these ballot measures would do. No hype, no paid advertising, no propaganda, just a clear analysis so we, the people, can decide where we want the future to head and what we want our beloved California to be.


Can you help us?


Please click here and make your pledge now or send your check to Speak Out California, and send to PO Box 92010Santa Barbara, California 93190.


We need your help so we can help you see progressive democracy in action! Let’s reclaim our state and regain the megaphone to do it.  That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re Speak Out California at


Please sign up and ask your friends to do so as well.

Thank you,

Hannah-Beth Jackson